Prop Firm Passing

Prop firm passing is one of the best ways for our clients to create a strong income stream using other people’s money. Using other people's money is a better approach to properly leverage your trading and returns. Our service for passing prop firms simplifies the process for you to quickly get started trading substantial amounts of capital.

What Is A Prop Firm?

A prop firm is a company that provides its traders with access to capital, in return for a percentage of the profits generated. Having access to such capital helps you become a better trader overall.

Why Do Traders Use Prop Firms?

The primary advantage of trading with a prop firm is that you are trading with their capital and any losses are covered by the firm. This is the opposite of trading with your own capital, where you take all the risks.

Is Kevlar A High Frequency Trader (HFT)?

HFT stands for High Frequency Trader. Kevlar is not a High Frequency Trading bot. Kevlar is a risk reward bot, so it does not take multiple trades all the time. It is looking for trades that follow trends with order blocks with a risk reward 1.5 or higher. It is replacing a human, and executing trades instantly that would take more than 5 minutes to execute for a human.

Purchasing Your Prop Firm

The next step is to acquire a Prop Firm Account in order to gain the keys to substantial capital you can grow with.
You can use the Live Chat Widget in the bottom right corner of our website, or email [email protected] requesting help with a Prop Firm purchase. Our support team will ensure the prop firm you are choosing is passable by us, and will help you finalize your prop firm passing purchase once the prop firm is acquired.

Once you've purchased your prop firm with help from our support team, please revisit your ticket to inform our team of your purchased prop firm. Please include the size prop firm you have purchased ($100k, $200k, etc) and they will respond with your next steps.

🟡 NOTE #1:
Please read all rules, faqs, and policies of the prop firm you decide to choose. They all work differently, it is your responsibility to do your homework! Please consult with our Client Support before completing your prop firm purchase.

🟡 NOTE #2: Kevlar AI is only functional with MT5 trade manager. If you intend to use Kevlar with your prop firm, DO NOT USE AN MT4 ONLY PROP FIRM!


List Of Passable Prop Firms By Clarity FX

Purchase Your Clarity FX Passing

Once you've reached out to our Support Team upon purchasing your Prop Firm, we will respond with the next step which is to purchase your Prop Firm Passing from us.

➡ If you are redeeming an included passing, let our support team know and we will verify then send you the submission form to send us your prop firm details.

➡ If you are purchasing a passing, once you've done so you will be prompted to submit your details.

Once passing is complete, we'll respond to your ticket to inform you before closing it.

🟡 NOTE #1: You must purchase an approved prop firm from the consultation with our support team prior to being able to purchase a passing from us! Once again take the time to understand your choice before following through.

🟡 NOTE #2: Each prop firm challenge is different – some take longer than others to complete. Funds being released and available to you for trading also vary from firm to firm.