Welcome To Clarity FX!

Please Follow The Steps Below For Getting Started

Watch This Video 👇

You've decided to join the Clarity FX Partnership Program. Excellent decision for your investment future! As partners, we will work together to give you the best FX trading experience of your life. What this means is that there will be some expectations to meet from both sides. Watch the video to learn more!

Book Your Onboarding Call With Us 📅

We want to make sure you are completely at ease and successful with us! To make this possible, our Client Onboarding Specialist will join you on a call and walk you through everything we have to offer and how to get through these steps. We expect you to have questions. We're here to give you the most straightforward start with us possible.

🟡 NOTE: You can book your call at any time you’re ready to begin your journey with Clarity FX. You do NOT need to have your prop firm / VPS purchased at the time you book your call (just in case you have further questions).

Purchase Your VPS 📈

Having a VPS (private server) will allow you to run softwares in the background without needing to keep your computer on 24/7. Softwares such as Kevlar AI (EA program, aka, auto trader) and our Trade Manager.

Purchase Your Prop Firm 💰

One crucial aspect to our model for outstanding investment results from FX trading is the concept of using Other People's Money (OPM). We will help you along the way! Once you understand the expectations of our partnership, the next step is to acquire a Prop Firm Account which we will pass for you, handing you the keys to substantial capital you can grow with.

🟡 NOTE #1:
Please read all rules, faqs, and policies of the prop firm you decide to choose. They all work differently, it is your responsibility to do your homework! Please consult with our Client Support before completing your prop firm purchase.

🟡 NOTE #2: Kevlar AI is only functional with MT5 trade manager. If you intend to use Kevlar with your prop firm, DO NOT USE AN MT4 ONLY PROP FIRM!


List Of Approved Passable Prop Firms Included With Your Investment In Clarity FX

Submit Your Prop Firm For Passing 📝

Once you have purchased your prop firm (AND ONLY ONCE PURCHASED) you will need to submit your prop firm details to our team for passing the challenge and approving your funded account. Upon approval you will be notified and can begin trading once the funds are released to your live account!

🟡 NOTE #1: You must purchase an approved prop firm from our list prior to following this step! Once again take the time to understand your choice before following through.

🟡 NOTE #2: Each prop firm challenge is different – some take longer than others to complete. Funds being released and available to you for trading also vary from company to company.